How To Sleep Well

Here are some simple tips which will help you sleep well.

**Tip 1: Do not drink coffee or other caffeine drinks during the evenings **

Try and avoid drinks containing caffeine like coffee, tea, cocoa and cola drinks late in the evenings. Caffeine content in your blood will not allow you to get sleep early resulting in you tossing and turning in your bed for longer hours. Similarly avoid alcohol at all costs. Alcohol does make you feel drowsy but will impact the quality of your sleep.

Do not overeat during the night

Bed time snacks are good, but don’t over-eat them. Try and stick to a light meal. Overstuffing your stomach will make you feel tired but your body will have to stay awake half the night digesting the food. A glass of hot milk or other malted food drinks will do a lot of good by relaxing your brain. Turkey and peanuts have similar effects too.

Follow a proper sleep routine

Keeping a sleep routine will ensure that your brain automatically winds down at the same time every night. So make it a point to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day. Sleeping during the day is not recommended as this will hinder your night sleep. You can consider taking some short 15 minute naps though. You can also considering some bedtime routines like taking a quick bath before you sleep everyday, or reading a book. This will pass on signals to the brain that it is time to sleep.

Listen to some relaxing music before sleep

Bring your body to a relaxing state before you sleep. Do not perform any activity that can increase your anxiety levels. If there is a lot going on in your mind, write them down on a piece of paper. This will help release your anxiety and stress levels. Try to avoid watching TV, listening to heavy music or reading books that can make you feel nervous. Listen to some calming music instead and try to relax.

Invest in a good bed

Use your bed as a place to sleep and not a place to work. Make sure your bed is properly made up and does not have any work materials like pencils, papers, books etc. lying around. If your bed is uncomfortable and feels uneven, or if is starts making noises then it is time to get a new bed.

**For those who travel **

If you travel frequently and have to deal with different time zones, make sure to carry with you some herbal sleeping pills so you can get back your sleep routine.

Good night and sleep well

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