4 Things To Consider While Choosing A Nanny Agency

Most of the times people seek to employ nannies from their neighborhood on the basis of the recommendation given by their friends or relatives. This would be ideal since recommendation from a reliable source is the best thing to count on. When faced with the situation of hiring a nanny through an agency providing nanny service you need to be a lot more cautious because the quality of the nanny would directly depend on the quality of the agency. Make sure you take the following things into consideration while choosing an agency

1) The agency should provide a 24/7 support ideally via a call center so that they are approachable in case a need arise. There should be a feedback structure in the call center which works promptly on your feedback. They should be willing to adjust to any change in timings on your part, either an extension of the duration of child care or reduction should be entertained. In other words they should be flexible as per your needs.

2) There agency should have a professional team which perform background checks on all their nannies. The background check is a critical part of the nanny hiring process. They should be willing to disclose the details of the background check if you require them. You should check with them regarding all the parameters which are being considered during the background check and provide any additional parameter that you want checked.

3) Most of the nanny agencies do not charge a service fee. If you do not choose a nanny from the agency, even after they perform a background check and after you have interviewed the nanny, then you are not required to pay the agency any service fee. Inquire about this feature before you start your association with the agency.

4) The agency should have atleast 100 nannies working for them so that you have a choice in the selection and so that you get the nanny who meets your criteria and needs. Smaller nanny agencies may not be able to cater to your specifics.

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